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Sally should have known she wanted to be a writer when she requested her own card catalog. Of course, hers was a tin recipe box instead of the chest of tiny drawers she loved to explore at the local library.

Writing became a compulsive habit in junior high and high school. Her favorite place to write was her closet, mainly because it was a handy place to hide out from chores. Eventually, she moved out of the closet and to the University of Tennessee where she met her own Prince Charming and graduated summa cum laude. After a slew of interesting professions (car hop, short order cook, telemarketer, bookseller, and logistics and transportation specialist), she spent some quality time teaching Spanish–because that’s what you do with an English major.

For Christmas a few years ago, Prince Charming gave her a special gift for Christmas: acceptance into Kennesaw State University’s MAPW program. A few classes in and she knew she’d been missing her writing time while birthing babies and imparting knowledge to tomorrow’s leaders. She earned her degree and started actively pursuing her dream of being published. In 2010, Beulah Land and the Happy Hour Choir won its first contest, The Duel on the Delta, and finaled in the Maggie Awards for Excellence. A major revision of that novel went on to win the 2012 Golden Heart®. Now she’s plugging away on a story that involves Shakespeare and cows while plotting yet another that revolves around a small-town funeral parlor.

You can find her blogging at www.healthywriter.com, and www.superwritermom.blogspot.com.

She is represented by Nikki Terpilowski of Holloway Literary Agency



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Beulah Land and the Happy Hour Choir

  • Finalist in the 2012 Golden Heart
  • Winner of the 2010 Duel on the Delta
  • Finalist in the 2010 Maggie Awards of Excellence.




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